US Corn Farmers Contact List – Do You Right

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U.S. Corn Farmers Contact List
U.S. Corn Farmers Contact List

U.S. Corn Farmers Contact List – Do You Right Pro


This US Corn Farmers Contact List is going to be a brief outline of the methods that I used to research. Due to the nature of my chosen topic, this list will contain contacts for corn farmers near the bottom. Closer to the top, I will list contacts and references for:
  • Farmers
  • Scientists
  • Chemists
  • Doctors
  • Researchers
Any other contacts I could find in the agricultural/chemical/health industries that may be able to help shed light on the topic. If you just came for the U.S. Corn Farmers Contact List, scroll to the bottom!
Finding an alternative to application of chemicals that may be harmful to us is crucial. Chemicals that we consume in our foods… and chemicals in the environment are starting to cause problems. They may be from:
  • Drifts During Application
  • Leaching Into Soil
  • Leaching Into Waterways


US Corn Farmers Contact List - Do You Right Pro
US Corn Farmers Contact List – Do You Right PRo

My Reasons for Doing this Research


I used to work as a chemical applicator for Lawn Doctor and TruGreen ChemLawn. I applied Roundup, 2,4-D, image, Atrazine, and a variety of other chemicals and products. The list goes on and on, but that’s beside the point, so I will move on.
My concern is the health issues that have been on the rise. Moreover, my concern is that the connection of that rise to the chemical glyphosate. This list will help me interview farmers and related industry professionals about the:
  • Alternatives or Solutions – Should glyphosate ever get banned, or become too high of a risk to use anymore.
  • Ways to Deal with Crop/Herbicide Resistance.
  • Help I have found for them to play an active part in getting this issue under control.
What I don’t understand, is this:
If the weeds are developing an immunity to Roundup, why can’t we develop a product that weakens the immune system of the plant?
General Reference:
In this section, I will have a series of bullet points with facts. This page will contain contacts relevant to the farming industry. These are the general reference links that I used while researching this topic:
According to Wikipedia, corn growth is predominant in the US in west/north central Iowa and east-central Illinois. In 2014, the global production of corn was 1.04 billion tonnes. The US grew 35% of this.
Corn is my favorite, and I want to say for the record that I am not opposed to GMO foods. What I am opposed to, is rates of the amounts of chemicals going up… and the world’s health headed towards several health epidemics.
NOTE: This list will be growing, and so will more articles on Glyphosate and health, and many other social responsibility topics,  so check back.


US Corn Farmers List - Do You RIght Pro
US Corn Farmers List – Do You RIght Pro

Glyphosate and Associated Dangers – Relevant Research

Do You Right Professional Services – Certified SEO Copywriting

Dr. Stephanie Seneff Ph.D. – Senior Research Scientist at MIT


Stephen C Weller – Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Purdue University 

  • Benchmark Study: IV. Survey of Grower Practices for Managing Glyphosate-Resistant Weed Populations. Weed Science. 
  • Benchmark study on glyphosate-resistant cropping systems in the United States. VI: timeliness of economic decision-making in implementing weed resistance management strategies.

Corn Farmers in the U.S:

Contact Links ONLY!

E-Mail: Contacts


Indiana Corn Contacts

The Indiana corn marketing Council (ICM C) was founded in 2001. Just to give you an idea of how much money these people handle per year, the snapshot above is an expenditure list from the ICMC website from the year 2016.

I also found out that, “Out of 316,000 corn farms about 300,000 farms (95% of them) are owned by families. More than 30% of corn farms are operated by women.” Wikipedia,

Iowa Corn Association

Iowa corn sleeps breeze and eats nothing but corn. There comprised of the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, (ICPB) and they meet over the global need for food and energy. They have a contact link that I’ve attached to their name just above.

Pumpkin Patch/ Corn Maize

The pumpkin patch/corn maize has been around since 2007, and they schedule, study trips, movies under the stars, birthday parties, and much more. Just this year alone, they have chopped 18,724 stalks of corn. And they have a contact us link that I’ve attached to the name above.

Here are some contacts that I came up with for farmers. 

US Grains Council Contacts

  • Contact: Lucien Agniel Email
  • Contact: Sara Agniel Email
  • Contact: Sean Mulford Email
  • Contact: Diaa Ghaly Email
  • Contact: Erik Huschitt Email
  • Contact:  Alan McElwain Email
  • Contact: Rick Dusek Email
  • Contact: Brooks Burmaster Email
  • Contact: Michael Hinton Email
  • Contact: Pat Ries Email
  • Contact: Brian Arnold Email
  • Contact: Aaron Campbell Email
  • Contact: Bart Buteau Email
  • ContactJohn Fornazor, Jr.Email
  • Contact: Jason Mueting Email
  • Contact: Adel Yusupov ESo as to mail
  • Contact: Adel Yusupov EmailEmail
  • Contact: Shenouda Nader Email
  • Contact: Seth A. King Email
  • Contact: Jaemok “Jay” Kwon Email
  • Contact: Daniel Secondi Email
  • Contact: Joe Caruso Email
  • Contact:   Matt Dean Email
  • Contact: Darwin Rader Email

I’m using this list to email people and interview farmers for my glyphosate/social responsibility blog.

I will be doing a separate list of scientists, and a separate list for chemical manufacturers. I hope you can enjoy this post and you can use it for something resourceful~ Do You Right Pro ~

Do You Right Pro Copywriting
Do You Right Pro Copywriting

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Do You Right Professional Services – US Corn Farmers List 

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