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My Favorite Artists – Deadly Skills from Around the World

First, welcome to my “talented artists blog! I decided that it’s time to pay my respects to some of the most memorable artists that I have met in the past year. During 2017/2018. Over the past year, I have worked with some of the most talented artists in existence.  I also started my own original art brand with the help of a few key players on Fiverr. (Coming Soon!) These artists have added priceless experiences to my life, and some of them even ended up being my friends. I couldn’t let you miss them…

A Call to Action for Musicians!


Don’t forget to sign the petition for the Music Modernization Act. For almost 20 years now, music mediums have been growing in number. Technology, and time has been passing by normally, while the laws governing music royalties has stood still. This is our chance to make a difference! They have an easy and quick Facebook signature button right here on ASCAP’s website to sign in favor of the Music Modernization Act… If you love music as much as I do… We need you! Let’s get our songwriters their money! 


Talented Artists - Art by STEFAN KELLER - Available on Pixabay!
Talented Artists – Art by STEFAN KELLER – Available on Pixabay!

#1 Talented Artists STEFAN KELLER

The picture above with the sparks and the girl walking through… is STEFAN KELLER I found this picture on Pixabay, as a royalty free image, along with a collection of his work. I soon realized that this artist is no stranger to all out magnificence in marketing. Keller uses the perfect mix of marketing by making some of his images royalty free. I think you will agree that he is a very worthy addition to any artsy blog. Here is Stefan Keller’s collection on Pixabay!



Talented Artists-kellepics_352_pics from Pixabay Amazing Art with Explosion and Girl Walking Through In Powerful Stance
Talented Artists-kellepics_352_pics from Pixabay Amazing Art with Explosion and Girl Walking Through In Powerful Stance

#2 Talented Artists RAY G PRODUCTION

I met this guy on Facebook, and I didn’t realize how good he was until it caught me off guard after I left some of his beats playing. His beats were playing in the background, and I had forgotten about it… Now,  I have heard a lot of instrumentals in my time, and to tell you the truth, I can’t stomach 90% of them. Basically… most of the gangster/trap beats out there are either too bland, too noisy or have a bunch of wack sounds on them that turn me off.
Ray G Production’s beats are clean, smooth, and they KNOCK! I was able to freestyle on a couple of his beats, and I usually only jump on with the greats. If you are looking for something to freestyle to, or just to leave playing while you’re hangin’ out… Keep your eye on this guy… If you need trap beats…or you need custom instrumentals, check out Ray G Production… I believe he has it better than most others I’ve heard. Below this paragraph, you will find Ray G Production’s link on Facebook in case you’d rather get in touch that way! I also added a link to his custom beats for sale page, in case you need him for a project!


Ray G Production on Facebook

Ray G production – Custom Beats for Sale

Talented Artists - Charles Rangel Music - Air - Tapping Live at SXSW 2018
Talented Artists – Charles Rangel Music – Air – Tapping Live at SXSW 2018

Talented Artists – Charles Rangel Music – Air – Tapping Live at SXSW 2018


I ran into this musician jamming live in Austin Texas during SXSW 20`18. Charles Rangel Music, formerly The Dime Store Novelist, is one of the most talented musicians I have ever seen. He is melodic and calm, with the most awesome vibe that you could just leave playing at parties and be done with.  Check out Charles Rangel here in this interview with Rolling Stone magazine.I was lucky enough to get a live video of Charles Playing live below as well…. Make sure and check it out!  Like and share this post if you have a second. Charles will also be in my Austin TX SXSW 2018 Artist Spotlight blog… with many other artists that I met while I was in Austin for the festival. Hang tight for that post, my hard drive crashed. I’m swamped with clients for the next two or three weeks, but I will get it published, and I have some very good content on some of the best media that I’ve ever recorded from SXSW 2018. ( see the bottom of this post for information on content that I have coming in the near future)  Charles Rangel can be found on Facebook, in case you want to follow him there.




Talented Artists -Kalewi's Artist Profile on SoundCloud

Talented Artists -Kalewi’s Artist Profile on SoundCloud

#4 – Talented Artists – Kalewi


Kalewi is a Honolulu born rapper/singer that is versatile and very unique. He’s got a style that will have you harmonizing in the first 20 seconds. I personally expect this rapper to go a long way, because he creates a mood with his music. Whether you are out driving, sitting in your house with some friends, or housecleaning about all the windows and doors open… tune in to Kalewi’s SoundCloud channel and find out why he is one of your new favorite. Highly recommended listening!


Talented Artists - Fiverr Original Art
Talented Artists – Fiverr Original Art 

My Fiverr Favorites


I’ve had the pleasure of working with the following 3 artists on Fiverr, and as you see in my examples below… They will ROCK YOU~! Make sure and tell them who sent you. They may give you a small discount, but to be honest, these two artists are reasonable priced.


Talented Artists - Original Artist Quillava22 on Fiverr
Talented Artists – Original Artist Quillava22 on Fiverr

#5 Quillava22 on Fiverr
Reasonable Prices, Personalized Characters and Logos


The book cover you see above is by an artist that goes by the screen name Quillava22. He is the best I’ve ever seen at character development, illustrations, and full cover and page book art. Quillava22 specializes in logos, and he’s dedicated to delivering the image you want for your business or personal needs. In short, Quillava22 has very reasonable prices, and he communicates very well and wants you to be happy. Check him out by clicking the picture above or this link to Quillava22’s profile!


Talented Artists - Frog Prince by Simonamoilno on Fiverr Original Frog Prince Art
Talented Artists – Frog Prince by Simonamoilno on Fiverr Original Frog Prince Art

#6 – Simonamolina on Fiverr

Amazing Fantasy Creatures and Portraits


This artist, Simonamolina is another artist that I have worked with. First, she does the most amazing fantasy creatures and portraits, as well as other types of art. The Frog Prince is one of my ideas that she brought to life. I knew as soon as she sent me a picture of a real frog and said, “I like this ones expression, I wanted her to freestyle him!” Second, Simonamolina is an all around amazing artist! She drew the most amazing Dragon that I’ve ever seen in my life, and she’s reasonably priced too! Make sure and tell her Eddie Warner says Ciao!


Talented Artists - Original Art Design from Fiverr - Available on Rageon
Talented Artists – Original Art Design from Fiverr – Available on Rageon

#7 – Misteralexdavid on Fiverr

Cool Character Development and Idealist

With this artist, Misteralexdavid on Fiverr, all I did was tell him that I wanted a poker game gone bad. The concept of this one, was that you got all your cards on the table, everything’s riding on this game right? You got three Kings with an ace high… You know there’s no way in hell he’s got that other one king, and even if he does, you know there’s no way in HELL he’s got the straight flush… Then he comes out with it and takes all your shit … lays it out all pretty… and smiles… I had to have the design in print, and accordingly… this design is called named, “Listen Here Wiseguy” and also made a wicked hoodie.

Talented Artists - Coursera Responsive Web Design Course
Talented Artists – Coursera Responsive Web Design Course

Talented Artists – Responsive Web Design


Okay now you wouldn’t think that these guys were talented artists. until you actually see them working. This Coursera, class will teach you HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You will learn from the ground up how to design your own webpage. I was able to create my first HTML webpage on Cafépress after one week! It was cool because I built one from scratch that links out to my own site. This knowledge helped me deck out my CafePress profile. This is something I wouldn’t have been able to done without the skills. So, at this point… I would call these instructors artists.! Come join me, learning from Matthew and Marco in Responsive Website Basics … after all without skills art is dead!!!


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