Best Dragon Commands for artists and affiliate marketers 



The Coolest Dragon Naturally Speaking Commands for People in Our Line of Work!

Bag it!

Tag it!

Sell it to the Butcher at the Store!

The reason I made this blog, is because I use this song. I play this in the background to keep me in production mode, remembering to stay active… tacking away at my work. It makes a perfect song for production type work because that’s exactly how the song feels.


I chose these Dragon commands because it made perfect sense to me. Anyone that is always tagging, titling, and storytelling deserves to know about this! These commands are the most adorable ones I have ever seen anyone do with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. (As of yet)

Check it!

Bag it! ~ Of course you know this is your title. I use it for my title and hook for our designs.


Tag it! ~ I use this one for my keywords.


Sell it to the Butcher at the Store! ~ And last but not least, let’s not forget our design description. ~ This is where we tell a story that will attract more visitors by engaging them in artwork and the concept behind it.


If you have multiple designs, what I recommend is, “Bag it for (design name)” (for example)

This should keep you on the easy street when building profiles and adding art, and it’s also going to add consistency among your profiles and make sure that your grammatically correct every time.


Some More Dragon NaturallySpeaking Commands

    I figured out after thinking about this idea for a while, and pretty much use any three phrase saying. So if you you would rather use something else like, “Pop it! Lock it, and Drop it”, those will work the same.




You edit once with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


Call to action or other cool Dragon NaturallySpeaking commands!

Anyone else that has any of the best dragon commands that they’ve made up, please feel free to share them here… Especially if you have any about writers, editors, poets, affiliate marketing, sales, art, or any other thing creative thi… you know what? wHo CaReS??? Just put whatever if you want to!


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