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MagGrow_Participation_Brandind_Activity_One – Digital Branding and Engagement Class

Participation Branding Activity1 – MagGrow Global

First, welcome to my website! This is a very exciting topic to me, and just to let you know ahead of time, you are reading my homework as well!  This post is an assignment from my first course in a series of courses included in the Marketing in a Digital World MicroMasters certification on i was asked to “demonstrate my understanding of participation branding, for this activity, I was asked to curate content that demonstrates my knowledge on the topic of paid, earned, and owned media, as well as their differences and where they intersect.



I wrote about this topic in a way that will not only give credit to a brand that I believe deserves the attention, but I’ve also include metrics regarding the rising popularity and social mentions that have ensued from the success of probably the most innovative and well placed companies in the history of mankind. 

There has been an outpouring of posts, articles, and press releases recently on just about every transmedia channel that you can think of regarding the topic of glyphosate. The concern mainly has been the rising rates of a multitude of diseases and health issues, that have been witnessed rising in step with the application rates of glyphosate. 

In case you don’t know, glyphosate is the active chemical and round up. Part of the reason for this rise in health issues, is the fact that the weeds are developing a tolerance to the chemical. The problem with that, is that the chemical works through the shikimate pathway, which was the main reason why glyphosate was thought harmless for years.  Humans don’t have a shikimate pathway. However, our gut bacteria does.

What is happening, over time, is at a biomolecular level, this chemical is causing our gut bacteria cells to rupture, thereby causing toxic leaks in our bloodstreams and our bodies. So what you have in the end, is the weeds getting stronger and more resistant to the chemical, and humans getting sicker and sicker as a result. (Which explains all the hype)


There’s one company, however, that has made revolutionary progress in the spray technology industry, that may end up playing a key role in the control of the rates of application of this chemical. It’s surprising that there hasn’t been more hype about them, because their patented technology will increase the efficacy of applications, and reduce sprayoff, and overall chemical rates tremendously… This company is MagGrow…




Why MagGrow is “Big Boy Branding” in 2017

MagGrow, a division of Thrive Industries, has come out with a patented technology designed to magnetize the spray  booms of the application tractors. What this does, is it sets the chemicals and water to be attracted to the gravitation gravitational field of the plants. All plants and everything on earth has its own gravitational field. So what this technology allows, is the application rates to be more precise, with less spray off, drift, runoff, and all the other factors that are intrinsic to chemical application.

As a matter of fact, MagGrow claims that this technology will reduce the application rates of needed water and chemicals by up to 70 to 80%. What this is doing, is revolutionizing the chemical application industry, and the KILLING in social media for this company has just begun!



Now with the diseases and health issues on the rise and as many people that are blogging about this issue, along with the fact that we are looking at either mass extinction or possible epidemics because of it, you would think that this company would get more attention. Please share this post, and if your curious, this is my homework assignment as well, I just wanted to use this opportunity to find out more about  MagGrow, and blow them up a little because they could really help.  You will find sections at the bottom where I have done some market research on MagGrow, and separated their various types of media into sections. If this bores you, I apologize!


 Why MagGrow Deserves Our Shares!

According to Gary Wickham, CEO and co-founder of MagGrow Global, MagGrow’s patented technology is going to transform the world of crop protection spraying. Mr. Wickham States that 80% of the total available water in Asia, Africa, and California is used on agriculture alone. He states that this challenge can only be matched through sustainable innovation. (Using less to grow more)

In the above video, Mr. Wickham states that it is estimated that without crop protection, we would have 80% less food. That would not be enough for us to eat.  So, the control of crop loss is a necessary evil that has to be addressed and maximized as much as possible in order to make our sustainability as a planet possible.

Here’s the Problem 

An estimated 70% of the spray applied to crops in the world never actually reaches the plants. It’s wasted. Between spray drift, leaching, runoff, evaporation, and a number of other problems that come with spray applications, chemical application  is a battle that’s been running backwards for quite some time. 
Mr. Wickham states that in Europe alone last year $30 billion worth of water was contaminated with pesticides because of these runoffs and losses. It is estimated but that by the year 2054, the earth will be in need of 70% more food, so this problem is only going to grow. MagGrow’s patented technology will reduce the application rates and drift by up to 80%, allowing farmers to spend less, help more, and be way more effective in their applications. 

How Does MagGrow Work?

MagGrow works by using a plug-and-play system, to retrofit to an existing tractor boom. This system is attached to a series of magnets, which transforms the physical properties of the fluid, giving it a magnetic charge and making it easier than for the water droplets to adhere to the natural gravitational field of the plants.
This technology will reduce water usage by over 50%, chemical usage by 20%, while allowing farmers to meet environmental and legislative compliance like never before.
MagGrow Technology has been validated by independent research institutes and organizations worldwide. Some of the endorsements that have validated MagGrow’s evolutionary technology are; the USDA, University of Florida, ISVV, Ethiopian ATA, and Harper Adams University, just to name a few. The MagGrow equipment will operate in conjunction with already existing technology, with no additional capital cost to the farmer.
Due to the smaller droplets being applied to the crops, a number of other problems will be substantially reduced as well.  For instance, with large droplets, chemical burn is accelerated because the larger droplets of water act like a magnifying glass in the sun, which amplifies their effect, causing damage to the plants. By getting a better coverage on the leaves with smaller droplets, MagGrow’s Technology will offer farmers a better efficacy fighting against insects, diseases, fungi, and other problems associated with agricultural spray applications.  MagGrow launched sales at the end of last year in an $8 billion dollar a year market. The projected sales have grown to 10 million by the end of 2017, and that’s just the beginning.  Like I said before, this is just my homework, but if you want to learn more about this company,

#Activity1 P.O.E.M

As you can see below, for the activity, I have seperated Thrive Industry’s Owned, Earned, and Paid media out to demonstrate that I know the difference.

 As far as where they intersect, I would have to say that this is a good example. Not to mention the $100,000 they got from Wells Fargo. If they weren’t trying, this wold have never been possible, and I would have never known about them either.

I checked MagGrows Social Activity on Social Mention. They aren’t doing too bad! Check them out here!

Here is Thrive Industries on Social Mention Too!


THRIVE Accelerator Awarded $100k Grant From Wells Fargo To Foster Global Agriculture Startup
Forbes, With Farm Labor Getting Scarcer, Big U.S. Farms Are Preparing To Turn To Robots

This Forbes articleaddresses how some big farms in California, such as Driscoll’s Berries are deploying robots in an attempt to drop costs in any way possible. This is in fear mainly, sue to a number of things, including the rising minimum wage in california,  Trump’s orders to reduce immigrancy, and other problems that farmers are facing, that left unattended, could eventually end up endangering their livelihood  as farmers. 

Global Management Consulting Firm A.T. Kearney Partners With Thrive Agtech Venture & Innovation
Sun World Innovations Joins THRIVE
Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Joins THRIVE
SVG & THRIVE Announce $1m Investment In Third Cohort
Agriculture And Technology Leaders Gather In The Heart Of Silicon Valley To Advance The Future Of
Announcing The THRIVE Top 50
Driscoll’s Joins THRIVE As Corporate Partner
SVG Partners Launches THRIVE III Open Innovation Program And Welcomes New Strategic Partners

USA Today, 10 Named THRIVE Accelerator Winners

USA Today, Who wins from Trump immigration policy?

Robotic berry pickers, for a start
The Salinas Californian, Big data, robotics lead THRIVE top 50

KSBW, Thrive young innovators challenge inspires students to go for tech jobs

Forbes, Second AgTech Summit, July 13-14, 2016 hosted in Salinas Valley
SF Business Insider: THRIVE And Others Leading The Way In FoodTech



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