Owned Media Assets – #Activity3 Assignment for MicroMasters Course

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Owned Media Assets - #Activity3 Assignment for MicroMasters at edx.org
Owned Media Assets – #Activity3 Assignment for MicroMasters at edx.org
Owned media assets – Thanks for stopping by! This is my assignment for #Activity3 in the MicroMasters Course  at edx.org entitled “Digital Branding and Engagement.” For this assignment… We had to curate content exhibiting our knowledge of the topics discussed in module 3. I took this opportunity to make my content as interesting as possible. Partially for my website visitors, and partially for my own records. This way, I have an online journal of my MicroMasters course… And my visitors know that they can come by anytime to find out what I am learning at edx.org!
SEO is the process of optimizing content so that search engines can find it online. When users enter a keyword or search term. (Group of words… E.G. “Best Branding Companies” or “Place Around Brooklyn to Eat”) search engines must have a way to find it. Otherwise we would have to search for content ourselves. That would be a real pain considering we would have to weed through millions of websites just to find what we were looking for. For this reason, web crawlers or “spiders” programmed with algorithms, (“a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end especially by a computer – a search algorithm” – Merriam Webster, 2018) are sent out to scan all of the content on the web…

Owned Media Assets – What Is SEO

Algorithm Example Pic - Numbers Raining Like "The Matrix" Movie -
Algorithm Example Pic – Numbers Raining Like the “Matrix” Movie –


Everywhere that content is published online… every single page and post… these spiders are checking. They read your pages, and use these algorithms to see what your content is about. Then, they rank it according to how good it looks to them using many other factors. After that, the spiders take in all the information across the web… They index the collected information, sort of like a library or a huge book with a very detailed index. To summarize, there are three main processes used for delivering search results:
Crawling – Spiders, often refereed to as crawlers, or Googlebots, go out to discover new content on the web. Google does this by using a huge set of computers. The Googlebot is simply a piece of software programmed to do the running and collecting.

Indexing – Googlebots collect all the words on your pages, and compiles a mass index of them. They read data like your key content tags, title tags,  and ALT Attributes  and they look for other things as well. Check below these bullets, and I shared a link on content optimization. If you want to learn more about this process, you can link out and read it!


Serving Results – First, when you enter a search term, Google machines go out into their directory. Then they collect the best results for your query… They use over 200 factors to decide which results are best for your interest. It gets more intricate than that, but for the sake of my MicroMasters class, I won’t go into the whole spill. Google offers some excellent training on the subject. We recommend learning from them if you want the “whole enchilada.” Here is the link to Google about the data collection process in case you are curious or need to learn! (BELOW)

Google Support

Here is an article I found on content optimization. You will need this knowledge if you market, write, promote, or curate any content online, and you want us to find you!!!



How I am Already Using My SEO Skills!

I have a client that I am working with right now that is the owner of Ray G Production, an instrumental beat producer out of Holland, New York, right outside of Buffalo. Since I started working on his campaign two weeks ago, we’ve raised his local SEO ranking from 0 to 27%. Local SEO works the same way as regular SEO, only instead of the results from everywhere online, the Googlebots are searching for terms just in your area. As you can see in the screenshots below. I will continue working on this each day, for the rest of this month until we get his company up to about 70 to 80% locally optimized. This will allow people in his area to enter keywords into certain websites and pull up his services when they need someone to produce a beat for them. If you would like to track the progress that I’m making with Ray G Production, I have links at the bottom of this article of his profiles, and a link to my website, where I will be publishing a blog after I finish his project. Feel free to drop in at any time to check on how things are going!

Affordable Local SEO - Affordable SEO for Small Businesses - 11_to_27_Stage One - Screenshot from MozPro!
Affordable Local SEO – Affordable SEO for Small Businesses – 11_to_27_Stage One – Screenshot from MozPro!
Free SEO Training Courses and Certifications
The experience I’ve had with SEO as an owned media asset goes a little beyond this. I am starting to consider it an owned media asset, as a matter of fact. As you will see if you keep reading, my rankings are climbing, and so are my likes, shares, and other earned media! I started out as a student of Wealthy Affiliate. (WAU) Wealthy Affiliate is a community of over 300,000 affiliate marketers. WAU students follow the successes of Kyle and Carson. These are two people that made it in affiliate marketing and became very wealthy. If you feel like checking them out, click the link above. I recommend them highly, and tons of other people do too! After wealthy affiliate, I kept studying marketing and SEO. I loved taking free courses, because they gave me a chance to learn without committing to the “BIG NASTY.” (College LOL)
I’ve taken the MOZ SEO course, the Coursera SEO course , and I’ve the E marketing Institute’s 5 courses. I recommend the latter because they offer five free certifications. All five of the certificates work hand-in-hand to help you get the skills you need to be found on the Internet.
If you’re interested in learning SEO skills in depth, here are some free resources!


E-marketing Institute

MOZ Free SEO Course

Coursera SEO Training

Edx.org SEO Courses

SEO, at the end of the day, is how search engines find our content on the web. It’s how search engines know and organize the content to get the best results for them. While SEO is not a direct possession, the correct set of SEO skills operate the same way as owned media assets. This is because they’re used to maximize your growth and sustainability online. More than that, SEO is a way to communicate with the world no matter who you are… and be a part of history! SEO is evolution.


Owned Media Assets #Activity3 - Digital Branding and Engagement Course at EDX.ORG - Social Media - Branded Apps I LOVE!
Owned Media Assets #Activity3 – Digital Branding and Engagement Course at EDX.ORG – Social Media – Branded Apps I LOVE!
Owned Media Assets – Branded Mobile Apps – My Favorites List!
Now, due to my teachers and classmates maybe getting bored with my going on and on (and I could)… I will move on to branded apps! Branded apps are another form of owned media assets. They’re used to engage customers and get them to interact with the brand. Branded apps are software that people can download to their mobile devices. These apps not only allow users to interact with the brand… They give the brand owner a chance to communicate with the user more effectively. Some of my favorite branded apps are:









Google Analytics

In short, I LOVE all social media apps best! They spend so much time trying to optimize their user experience and come up with awesome features for us. Not to mention that I keep in touch with my family and friends. Branded social media apps are great for marketing and business. As an example, I met my client Ray G on Facebook. I love my Facebook the best! It offers chat in real time, lots of customization, and you can make fan pages! You can also make business pages, store fronts, tag friends, join groups, and more!


January 2018 Twitter Growth

January 2018 Twitter Growth – Between Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in, I have load of fun, and get my brand out to the world in an interactive and effective way! Look below at how fast my Twitter is growing just since I started my MicroMasters course in Marketing at edx.org!


Jaguar XJ220 - #Activity3
Jaguar XJ220 – #Activity3
Advergames – Are they Trying to Trick US??? 


Your answer… is… YES! Seriously, they don’t mean it like that. From a marketing standpoint, Advergames are a company wanting more exposure. Moreover, they are yet another form of Owned Media Assets. They do this so that the people looking for their products or services can find them when they need them. In other words, they may be trying to trick you by getting you to play games and interact with their brand, but seriously… If you are engaged and having fun… Who cares? In this course we went over some of the most popular and most well-known advergames to this date. To my knowledge, I’ve never interacted with an advergame. This is due to the fact that I’m not much of a game playing person. (BUT… I still did my homework!)
According to pastemagazine.com  some of the most popular advergames to this date are:
Jaguar XJ220 – Made to raise brand awareness for Jaguar.
Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed – Made to raise brand awareness for Porsche.
Crazy Taxi – Part of a marketing strategy designed by Sega to promote brand awareness of their brand.
There are others highlighted within this article, but for the sake of brevity, I’ll leave it at this. I don’t do games. But I do understand the concept of advergames, and I do think that they are a decent marketing strategy.


Final Thoughts on Module Three in the Digital Branding and Engagement Course at EDX.org

To summarize, I am learning a ton of interesting things at edx.org. I love it! I am already looking forward to the next module after I am done with this one! It’s nice being able to learn college courses in what I am naturally interested in. I suffer from issues that prevent me from going to regular college, so edx.org is a priceless privileged to me. The MicroMasters courses have given me hope and dreams again. My confidence in marketing is growing, and my skills are sharpening by the lesson! (As you can see in my Twitter screenshot. 🙂
I hope you have enjoyed this post! If you’re interested in what else I am learning in Marketing at edx… I have other posts that go with this one. They will be all linked together, so you can check out my progress! I will post content periodically through my entire MicroMasters degree. Feel free to see what we are up to by checking out ANY of my homework assignments. My first 2 MODULE links to my assignments are below!


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