My Personal Achievements

My Personal Achievements - a woman aiming the word leadership like a gun.
My Personal Achievements – a woman aiming the word leadership like a gun.


My Personal Achievements


Do You Right’s passion goes back to early 2010. From the beginning, I knew that I had to get educated. After all, leadership is not a quality we all possess. It is something we work hard for so that we can influence people. In the end, my goal is to deliver the best web copy to my clients. My name is Eric. I am the founder and the binding glue that makes Do You Right Professional Services possible. I have already worked for some of the most prestigious companies in the world, and I’m currently working hand-in-hand with someone very special that holds a Ph.D. I love my work, and I will never stop getting better to serve my clients!

My personal credentials are part of a vigorous, ongoing learning plan, and I have huge plans. I edit every assignment that gets sent out, and I’ve spent 2 years learning about my profession. I hold 5 credentials in areas of relevance to website copywriting, and I will not stop until I am hit my target. I plan on being one of the best in the business, and from our track record, we are not far off.

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My Ongoing Learning Plan


I will be adding more achievements to this page periodically, so please check back. I am currently enrolled in MicroMasters courses at for marketing, branding an engagement, and more! Feel free to browse my site, and come back and check my personal achievements page anytime you like to see how I’m doing! I have placed a couple of links below this paragraph, in case you got lost!


Home page
Volunteer Work 
 Entertainment and art  

Content Marketing

Link to This Course On E-Marketing Institute

My Personal Achievements - Content Marketing
My Personal Achievements – Content Marketing

We will have a review up ASAP. Swamped at the moment branding our clients!


Digital Branding and Engagement 

Link to this Course on

My Personal Achievements - Digital Branding and Engagement Certificate
My Personal Achievements – Digital Branding and Engagement Certificate

Becoming A Copywriter from Ground Up

Eduonix Copywriting Link!

Copywriting Certificate
Copywriting Certificate

Become A Copywriter Pro from Ground Up Outline:

This course was for the most part stuff I already knew, but I did really enjoy the first few lessons in the last three lessons on writing copy that sells and how to pitch a client. As a matter of fact, I wrote an article based on the first couple of lessons which you can see right here.

Outline of Topics Covered

What is Copywriting? – An Intro to the Secrets of Good Copywriters

Attributes of an Effective Copywriter

Knowing the Difference Between Good Writing and Good Copywriting

What Do Experts Say about Master Copywriters?

Can Anyone Be a Master Copywriter?

Writing Well

Knowing Your Audience

Writing with Clarity

Writing with Simplicity

Finding Your Voice

Boredom-Free Writing

Turning a Passion for Writing into a Profession

Getting Started

Content That Sells

Knowing Your Goal

Writing for the Internet

Big Data for Better Performance


  • Outline of Topics Covered

DefinBig_Data_for_Big_Performance-page-001e big data and outline ways in which it is remapping the future of marketing:

Define the measurement units of big data

Recognise different types of data

Provide examples of where big data is created

Identify the basic attributes of big data:

Categorise data according to its level of refinement

Provide examples of data analytics that achieve refinement

Outline positive and negative social impacts of data proliferation

Outline business challenges and opportunities in managing and using big data:

Distinguish between brand-centric and customer-centric uses of data

Identify the key stakeholders within organizations in data management

Provide examples of targeted data acquisition for marketing benefit

Outline ways in which effective marketing can exploit big data

Define media attribution and outline its importance to marketing strategy

List some common tools in the marketing toolkit, and outline their purposes

Provide examples of marketing strategies that can capture trackable data in order to improve the quality of attribution.

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing

SEO Certification
SEO Certification

SEO Certification 11/2017

 Compliments of the E-Marketing Institute!



This course taught me the most up to date methods in SEO. Moreover, it taught me why it’s important to incorporate honest, organic SEO tactics. In short, I recommend this course for anyone starting out in copywriting. This course will get you off to a running start and is a very full-bodied course.

Outline of Topics Covered


Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

Understanding Search Engines

 Search Engine Friendly Site Design and Development

Basics of Keyword Research

Google Rankings

 Google Panda and Other Algorithm Updates

Link Building

Search Engine Tools and Services for Webmasters

Steps to Optimize Your Website

E-Marketing Institute’s SEO Certification Course Review

 First, I would like to point out that this course was excellent learning! In short, this Free SEO Certification gave me the skills I needed to communicate on the World Wide Web. I knew I needed a solid understanding of search engine optimization. What I didn’t know, is that I could get that in a week flat. In conclusion, the E-Marketing Institute’s SEO course was perfect. For that reason, I recommend this course to anyone who intends to use the internet to communicate!


SEM Certification 11/2017

Compliments of the E-Marketing Institute

Credentials - SEM Certification

Credentials – SEM Certification

Outline of Topics Covered

Various Aspects of Search Engine Marketing

Setting up a Google AdWords Account

Managing a Google AdWords Account


Bidding & Budget

Quality Score

Optimizing Campaigns

SEM & Marketing Types

SEM Strategy

Analyzing Efficiency of SEM Strategy SEM Certification Course Review

This course was helpful in preparing me for the near future, where I will manage my ads to sell my products. Likewise, it helped me build my general research skills. As a result, I recommend this course as an excellent starting point for anyone who needs SEM basics. This course gave me much needed skills to build and manage my campaigns. Moreover, it strengthened my grasp on building and monitoring an effective SEM strategy. Again, I recommend this e-marketing course as a perfect starting point for beginners. 

Social Media Marketing 11/2017

Compliments of E-Marketing Institute

SMM Certification1-

SMM Certification1-


Outline of Topics Covered


Most Important Social Media Platforms

Social Media Engagement

Social Media & Target Audience

Sharing Content on Social Media

Social Bookmarking Websites

Do’s and Don’ts

Tips on Social Media Marketing

Social Media ROI

Using Social Media for Branding

Social Analytics


Tools for Managing Social Media Social Media Marketing Class Review


This course helped me a good bit. Although, I knew most of this information from attending classes at Wealthy Affiliate. In my opinion, this course would be a good class for anyone who needs to get started in social media marketing.


Writing for the Web

Compliments of

Writing for the Web-page-001

Writing for the Web-page-001

     This was my one of my favorite certificates. In the Writing of the Web course at

The Writing for the Web course was a useful course for a ground-level understanding of web writing. Second, I had been writing for quite some time before this. As a result, I knew most of the learning beforehand, so some of the material bored me. For that reason, I would recommend this learning to anyone starting out in web writing. 

Outline of Topics Covered

How to Research Properly

The Importance of Having Factual Content

To Create Content that was Scannable, Easy to Read, and Informative

To Take the Time to Understand my Visitors 

Use Analytic Research to Create Content Especially for my Visitors

To reiterate, Writing for the Web was helpful. But… it is more intended for people who have never created online content. This training will get you better prepared for web copywriting. In essence, I learned how to communicate on the web. I learned the difference in reading habits between online readers and print readers. Moreover, this course teaches you to create content that is effective and factual. Finally, this offers the foundational skills needed to build authority within your niche. 



Professional Industry Writing

June 2016 MSPA Hosted Shopperfest Certificate:

I got certified in Professional Industry Writing in 2016, at the MSPA hosted Shopperfest in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

First, I had a great time in Las Vegas being able to meet the clients that I had been working for since 2015. Second, we learned how to create unbiased reports that our clients could sell. In addition, we learned to get insights for employers on how to train their employees. Finally, I learned the importance of checking employees while they aren’t expecting it. This allows employers can better access what areas they need training in. Moreover, some of the skills I learned have benefited me in various other areas of my life. Some of the skills I learned at the MSPA ShopperFest 2016 were:

Outline of Topics Covered


Editing Skills:






Keeping Our Schedulers, & Editors Informed

Being Detail Oriented, & Prepared 


Video Shopping 1 Certificate

June 2016 MSPA Hosted Shopperfest Certificate:



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More important than the accomplishments we achieve in life, is our ability to keep them. As a result, every opportunity is a fresh chance to give 100% of our efforts to keep our dreams alive. For this reason, I will be continuing my education daily to become as amazing as I can be for my clients! Thanks for stopping by!


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