Good Content Marketing Examples #Activity2 – Digital Branding and Engagement

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Good Content Marketing Examples #Activity2

First and foremost, welcome to my Good Content Marketing blog! This particular blog is an activity from my

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#1 Adidas Video with Stormzy

For this activity, we were asked to provide examples of good content marketing. First thing I did was go to Adidas videos. I knew that they would have some awesome stuff. And ironically, the first thing I came across was a video of some people hanging upside down like bats, and start my favorite rapper Stormzy. The Adidas videoabove is a flat-out wicked marketing tactic… Please enjoy!

Hytiva Screenshot #activity2
Hytiva Screenshot #activity2 – Good Content Marketing

#2 Hytiva Las Vegas Marijuana Delivery!

Ironically, this is a writing assignment for a client of mine on I had already done two assignments today for him, and on my third one, I had to outline marijuana friendly tours in the Las Vegas area. At some point in the article, I had to mention Hytiva, a website that my client either owns or is affiliate marketing for, that delivers marijuana hourly to marijuana patients.

As soon as I hit the website, I was impressed. The about us page is drop dead gorgeous. Seriously,  Las Vegas lit up at night with the Hytiva name brand written across three big buildings. (As you can see in the picture above!) Very attention-getting, and very Good Content Marketing on their behalf. It’s one thing to have a stunning website. It’s another thing to flat-out drop jaws. That is so pretty and so GANGSTER! How you gonna brand Vegas like that??!?!?!?



#3 Monster Energy Video

I decided to do some research on my favorite energy drink, Monster. I figured that Monster, being one of the most famous energy drinks on the market, probably spent a good deal of money on their marketing. As you can see from the video, they spare no expense. They’ve got Betty’s, they’ve got flamethrowers, they’ve got presence.

Now, at first glance, you would think that this video is about a musical band. If you keep watching, nothing is going to prepare you for the ride that your about to go on. Talk about marketing. This is a 13:26 video that takes you ramping over desert dunes with race cars and motorcycles. Seriously, it took the breath out of me at one point. I’m in tears here… This is Good Content Marketing!



James Patterson Masterclass

Okay, this is a link to the James Patterson Masterclass YouTube video.  This class, I have a funny feeling about already. I knew that my plot was a hit when I first laid eyes on it about four years ago. I remember actually crying out loud because I knew it would be a bestseller… and probably of all time. My hopes are that James Patterson’s masterclass will help.

This video has inspired me, and gave me a rumbling inside… a burning fire that somehow I know my book will be a huge hit before it ever happens. Worse than that, I think I’ve invented my own genre. “Invitation Fiction” In other words, I believe that my book is going to be such an attractive idea that it creates a movie, and probably a world changing event. This video is an example of Good Content Marketing. If you’ll notice, everything is placed exactly where it should be. The music. The words. The feeling. It’s all right in its place. I couldn’t imagine having a better video for my website. They nailed it. No questions whatsoever.

I will be taking this master class is soon as I get my income tax money this year, and I can’t wait! He offers a year access for $180. You have a chance to learn from all the greats. You got Steve Martin teaching comedy, you got Samuel L Jackson teaching acting, and the list just goes on and on. I’ve left a link to the website. Click here for the James Patterson MasterclassHere’s my Facebook link as well, and hopefully this book will be done by the end of the year. Probably for NaNoWriMo of 2018. Please get a copy, I will definitely be posting it on Facebook, and I promise to flood the Earth! Maybe we can rename it crybabia! LOL 🙂

Best Marketing Videos Local Video Pros

This is a video I found on YouTube of a marketing company that I want to do the video for my book. They did an amazing job of portraying their brand definition, as well as what they can offer to a website, product, company, book, whatever. In other words, they get their point across. Within this video, Local Video Pros shows how their skills, can get you the attention you need. I’m going to jump right over their website right now, bring back a link and holler at them. I want to find out how much they will charge to do my video!  I think this is an excellent example of great marketing. It did the trick for me anyway, and you’ll never guess what’s inside with the cheesy cover they’ve got on it… until you start playing the video. Again, Good Content Marketing.




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