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Glyphosate Autism Update – Glycophosphate Dangers – Do You Right Professional

Autism Spectrum
Glyphosate Autism Update

 Autism Glyphosate Update

The Round-up

First of all, welcome to my Autism Glyphosate Update – Sign These Petitions At the Bottom!

Special Thanks to:

Dr. Stephanie Seneff Ph.D.~ My Most Special and Smartest Friend!

Glyphosate Autism Update - Email from Dr. Seneff Confirms Urgency of Glyphosate Issues with Health
Glyphosate Autism Update – Email from Dr. Seneff Confirms Urgency of Glyphosate Issues with Health


Early this morning, I received an email from Dr. Stephanie Seneff. (Ph.D. and Senior Research Scientist at MIT). Dr. Seneff was answering an inquiry I made about her research on a foreseen epidemic that is basically visible if you look at the rates of autism since the year 2000. 

Glyphosate Autism Update - Dangers Are Proven Now
Glyphosate Autism Update – Dangers Are Proven Now

Glyphosate Autism Update – Glycophosphate Dangers


She believes this is due to people consuming large amounts of herbicide in our GMO crops. Glyphosateis the active compound in Roundup. Here is a fact sheet on glyphosate published by the National Pesticide Information Center, in case you want to learn more. The amount of the chemical used to control weeds has risen in recent years. This is due to the weeds building up a tolerance to the chemical.

Come to find out, this topic was even more disturbing than I had expected… Look at this chart for an example:


Autism in Public Schools
Autism in Public Schools chart  – Glyphosate Autism Update


As you can see in the chart above, that the rise of autism has been gradual, consistent, and non-stop since 2001. One could assume that this incline, could end up catastrophic if it continues to rise. For this reason, we need everyone to stand up and do their part.


Dr. Seneff has done the math on this. She has predicted that if the rates continue to rise, every other male child will be autistic by the year 2032. Dr. Seneff has found decipherable proof of this problem. Moreover, she has the credentials to know what she is looking at is factual.



What This Glyphosate Chart Will Tell You
Glyphosate Autism Update Chess Pieces Idealistic Picture to Convey Message


I have studied Dr. Seneff’s work regarding the health issues associated with the mass consumption of glyphosate. Here is what I have found to be true about her:

  • Dr. Seneff is Qualified, Honest, and Caring
  • People and Companies are Trying to Cover this Up or Snuff it Out
  • Farmers Will Not Like Losing This Chemical
  • It is Being Sold on the Black Market

What This Article Will Tell You

In this next section, I will explain in more detail what Dr. Stephanie Seneff and others have found. You will learn how glyphosate affects the body. You will also learn how much glyphosate is getting into our systems. Moreover, you will learn what will come of our lives if we don’t do something about it.
By the same token, this work is also intended to give you an idea of how long this problem has been around. Also, we will go over the number of people hurt by it, and how to avoid being it affecting it in the future. There will be a section near the bottom for signing petitions. Please speak up about the topic, as we need to get this off of our consciences and out of our future~!


The bottom line is, Dr. Seneff confirmed in her response to me that the issue was genuine, and I had to do my part to help get people aware. 


Roundup Glyphosate Based Herbicide
Roundup Picture Informational Content Glyphosate Autism Update

What is Glyphosate?


 Glyphosate is a systemic herbicide used to kill weeds. It kills weeds that would otherwise be competing with crops for nutrients. Farmers have used Roundup since 1970. When the chemical came out, it was revolutionary to them. It kept them from toiling in the fields all day pulling up weeds.


As a result of the unmatched power of this herbicide, farmers have grown dependant on it. As a result, more and more people are turning to organic foods. The dangers of glyphosate are visible in statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDCScientists, doctors, and likewise anyone who can read a chart can see the problem. The rates of health issues are rising. What’s worse… they are rising in conjunction with the rising application rates of glyphosate.

Many educated parties have addressed this issue. But, they only to get shrugged off or discredited in the matter. It sounds to me like they are afraid to address the topic. This could be because it would be devastating to the agricultural industry.
Even though this may be true, we still must stop this. Do you have any idea what one out of every two male children will look like with autism? This should give you an idea… That’s around 10 kids in the grocery store, punching themselves in the head and screaming. That is going to ruin it for some of us. That’s not to mention the parents or the innocent little angels that were going to hurt if we do not make a stand.


 What Are GMO Crops

Corn Is a GMO Crop
Glyphosate Autism Update – Grrr… GMO Crop Pic

There are nine genetically modified crops available in the world today. Sweet and field corn, canola, alfalfa, soybeans, cotton, sugar beets, potatoes, papaya, squash, and as of this year, apples.


Glyphosate and Autism Blog
Glyphosate Autism Update – Kermit the Frog See No Evil Hear No Evil Speak No Evil


 The Monsanto Company Cover Up


Monsanto has known about glyphosate’s toxicity for years. Respected government entities, organizations, doctors, and scientists have all addressed the issue. The use of glyphosate is being avoided, and we cannot let this lie any longer. I decided to conduct some extra research on this issue, to see how I wanted to tackle the topic. As a result, I found many things that will likely be of interest to you, which I will be covering in this article.
First, the Monsanto Company has been covering up important findings with the EPA. They asked the EPA to “top secret” information. This information was the same information that defined glyphosate’s dangers to humans. There has been more research supporting the topic, that I will study and write about later on. A multitude of other health issues are on the rise as well…
Dr. Seneff and A. Samsel write a review of Monsanto’s research. The Monsanto Company found that glyphosate was causing problems in mammals. What’s worse, is they knew this as early as 1983. I found these reports online. The information was stating that Monsanto asked the EPA to label his findings Top Secret. In other words, Monsanto knew this would hurt us, and he did it anyway!
Glyphosate Chart US 2015
Glyphosate Autism Update – Chart US 2015

GMO Crops – How this is Happening


The reason we are consuming so much of this glyphosate is this… Weeds build up a tolerance to the compound over time. As a result, the farmers to have to increase the amounts of glyphosate they are applying each year. The problem is this, the weeds are getting stronger. But our increased chemical intake is making us weaker.
The chart below will illustrate the increased levels, and the rates of autism rising. This is about a fraction of Dr. Seneff’s research, but you can see how she got her figures. Pretty cut and dry, right?


Glyphosate Autism Update – Autism Glyphosate Update chart-from-CJ

thank goodness for  Dr. Stephanie Seneff!!

Glyphosate Autism Update – MIT Logo

The research referenced in this blog is just a topic review of Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s work. I will reference the work of educated people and organizations such as; National Geographic, Wikipedia, YouTube, MIT, CDC, and the Environmental Protection Agency, among others.    

The truth is, I heard of this issue a while back, but I figured that if doctors and scientists were working on it, then I had no reason to worry. Boy, was I wrong? I thought this again and again since because I used to work in agriculture. The thought kept coming back to me.


Jeffrey M. Smith’s Interview With Dr. Seneff 


The interview above is Jeffrey M. Smith interviewing Dr. Stephanie Seneff. Mr. Smith’s reference is to the first 16 years of glyphosate applications to crops. He states in the video that there was a total of

527 million pounds of the chemical applied.Dr. Seneff then follows, stating that the U.S. consumes 25% of the glyphosate applied in the world. The U.S. is the biggest consumer of this harmful chemical. By these figures, the U.S. would have consumed around 131,750,000 pounds of glyphosate in the first 16 years. WOW!


To: Dr. Stephanie Seneff Ph.D. Senior Research Scientist MIT
I dedicate this Glyphosate Autism Update to Dr. Stephanie Seneff Ph.D.                                                (Senior Research Scientist MIT)

~ My Email From Dr. Stephanie Seneff PH.D. ~

 MIT Senior Research Scientist 

 Allow me to brag, and I have to be honest here… It is an honor to be valued and complimented by a Ph.D. Dr. Senneff thanks… I will work amazingly diligently at this… I  promise!

From: Stephanie Seneff
Sent: Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 3:32 PM
To: Eddie Warner
Subject: Re: A compliment, a concern, and a question;

You have done an admirable job of presenting the information in a
colorful and easily accessible format, with lots of short passages that
convey important information about the toxicity of glyphosate!


I would like you to make a slight modification to the text if you don’t

You quoted Psychology Today saying that I predicted one in two kids born in
2025 would end up on the autism spectrum. I did actually say that,
but at the time it was a guestimate and I think what I said was “by the
quarter-century mark.” I later actually did the math and adjusted the number upwards to 2032 – one in two kids born in 2032 would end up on the spectrum. That’s just 7 years later, so not much of a reprieve, but
I’d appreciate it if you could add some material right after this sentence, which is perfect for introducing it:


<I wanted to address the quote above directly because it is not exactly accurate. … <explain that when I originally said this it was a rough estimate, but I then did the math and found that it projects to 2032 rather than 2025 as the one-in-two time point.>


Thank you for offering to provide me with a spiffy web site. 

I really appreciate that you have the skills to produce a very appealing web page with information that is
easily accessible to the novice. We
make a good tag team!


Thanks again for all that you are doing. We can make a difference!



Stephanie Seneff
Senior Research Scientist
MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

On 11/22/17 4:14 PM, Eddie Warner wrote:

 Dr. Seneff’s Predictions for 2025


“On June 5, MIT scientist Stephanie Seneff blamed increased autism rates on exposure to the herbicide glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) and warned that by 2025 HALF of all U.S. children would be autistic.” – Psychology Today, 2014

 I wanted to address the quote above because it is not exactly accurate. Her exact quote is above in the email I got from her. I watched Dr. Seneff speak on this topic. Dr. Seneff has studied with autism for 30 years. She had a close friend whose son was autistic. She got to watch firsthand what that was like.

Dr. Seneff states that she has been watching autism rates rise ever since. “In a telephone poll conducted in March of 2013, one in 50 parents were admitting autism in the family.” – Dr. Stephanie Seneff
Dr. Seneff emailed me back on this topic. She stated that her projections were a “rough estimate.” Her exact words were “…after doing the math, the time period projects until 2032 rather than 2025 as the one-in-two time point.” With this in mind, we have to stand up….. NOW!
Dr. Seneff points out in her research that we have seen a rise in health problems since the year 2000. This is due to the agricultural applications of glyphosate on our main GMO crops. More specifically, studies have shown that “glyphosate disrupts the gut bacteria” in mammals. – Seneff, S. Ph.D.
What that means to us, is that our exposure to this chemical is causing a big mess.  Dr. Seneff can prove this and understands the kinetics of it in exactly.
Glyphosate Autism Update - Breaks Down Our Gut Bacteria
Glyphosate Autism Update – Breaks Down Our Gut Bacteria

What Does Damaged Gut Bacteria Do?


What damaged gut bacteria do over time, is reduce the number of nutrients in the body. Our gut bacteria play many important roles in supplying our bodies nutrients. More specifically, it protects us from toxins. This breakdown causes a ton of problems, and Dr. Seneff goes into great depthon the topic in this article. 

Likewise, Dr. Seneff states, “As if it weren’t enough already that glyphosate causes an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria in the gut, interferes with the supply of critical neurotransmitters to the brain and nervous system, and likely disrupts vitamin D activation, bile acid synthesis, cholesterol homeostasis, and sulfate synthesis and transport, there are several other ways in which glyphosate could do harm.” – Dr. Stephanie Seneff
In short, Glyphosate is deteriorating our resistance to toxins. It is, in fact, causing pathologies in the brain. Besides that, protein leaks into the blood and making us sick on in body, mind, and spirit.

 Check out this blog and 2-minute video by theRoyal College of Psychiatrists. 


It discusses the connection between physical health and psychological well-being. Google the effects that confidence issues can have on a person. It’s amazing how bad one little thing can throw us off. Upon researching some more, I found out that needless to say, Dr. Seneff found a lot more than she even told me in the email. I found this paper online and these charts may be shocking to you, just a fair warning… Here is one of them below…


Glyphosate and Autism
Glyphosate Autism Update – Autism – Glyphosate Chart

More of Dr. Seneff’s Research


In the same article,Dr. Seneff states that many diseases and conditions are currently on the rise in step with glyphosate usage in agriculture, particularly on GM crops of corn and soy. These include autism, AD, PD, anxiety disorder, osteoporosis, inflammatory bowel disease, and many more. All of these conditions can be substantially explained by the dysregulation of Mn utilization in the body due to glyphosate.” 


In other words, they have been giving us all these problems. They knew that the health problems were rising, too. You can’t just miss something like that on those charts. Yet they just keep feeding us this stuff. I also came across these slides online.These slides contained information that was shocking as well.


Come to find out, there is glyphosate in our dog food, cat food, and all kinds of stuff. The world… soaks in this chemical as we speak.


 Bottom line, Dr. Seneff knows the exact science of how this is happening.  Conclusively, her predictions of our fate… ARE EXACT. As a result, I will write subsequent follow-up posts at a later date, due to the amount of research involved with this topic.


Social Responsibility Glyphosate Herbicide and Autism
Social Responsibility Glyphosate Autism Update

Autism Glyphosate Update

Social Responsibility Statement 


Please see my Social Responsibility Statementpage for subsequent follow-ups on this topic. I did find these pics in Dr. Seneff’s Presentations, which she has available for people to see at will at her MIT Page. This is a useful presentation that tells you what kinds of foods to eatto avoid GMOs to get healthier. Also, if you would like to do more reading, here is a link to a resource pageon glyphosate. You will find all kinds of information on the topic there. Here are some activist groups, as well as some petitions you can sign!

Other Parties Against this Happening 
National Geographic Warns of Glyphosate

I added National Geographic to my Autism Glyphosate Update blog. I wanted to let everyone know how big of an issue this is. According to Elizabeth Grossman of National Geographic,glyphosate is, “… now used in more than 160 countries, with more than 1.4 billion pounds applied per year.” – E. Grossman, 2015 of National Geographic. Dr.

March Against Monsanto
I added March against Monsanto to my Autism Glyphosate Update to help people know how to help. We need as many people as possible standing up for our health! March Against Monsanto is one of the major parties that are trying to get glyphosate banned.
Moms Across America

I added Moms Across America to my Autism Glyphosate Update to help people that want to unite for our health! I signed up for Moms across America while writing this. They have a pretty cool website where you can sign in to create a profile on their blog. On the Moms Across America’s activist page, you will find a letter you can sign to get glyphosate banned. If you would like to sign the letter, click right here.


I added Greenpeace to my Autism Glyphosate Update as well. Again, the more people standing up for our health, the better! Greenpeace says to food companies, “As concerned citizens, we urge you to apply the precautionary principle and suspend the use of glyphosate where it results in the greatest public exposure, either directly or through residues in our food.” Here is their link! Petitions is doing their part, I signed this petition as well. MoveOn’s petition built their website to provide individuals and organizations with the tools to start and thereby win their own grassroots campaigns.”
CREDO Action
I added CREDO to my Autism Glyphosate Update to help out as well. CREDO Action is doing a petition as well. This petition is a petition calling on the EPA and FDA directly on the topic. CREDO is an organized action team for a progressive change. They defend freedom and the environment.

I designed this hoodie!

How to Avoid Glyphosate 

Eat Foods Containing Suplhur
Glyphosate Autism Update – Foods COntaining Sulfur
These Can Metabolize Glyphosate
Picture of Sourkraut and Apple Cider Vinegar and Yogurt – Healthy Alternatives- Glyphosate Autism Update –
One of The Only ProBiotics
Glyphosate Autism Update Kefie – Natural Probiotics

The GMO-FREE Cookbook

The Non-GMO Cookbook

Sinister Labs Caffeinated Angry Mills Peanut Powder

Cohen Trace Mineral Mouth Rinse

ConcenTrace Mineral Mouth Rinse 16 oz

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Check out my credentials page if you are ever curious about my academic progress. In brief, I qualify to do appropriate research. I get valid, factual, from up-to-date information from various sources. and present them as a reliable source online. Therefore, I am an excellent researcher, and well, in short… I’m 100, and this is all true to the best of my knowledge.

Because I Feel Like it's My Job
Glyphosate Autism Update Do You Right’s Logo


In Case You’re Wondering


    In the end, I decided to blog, because I wanted to do my part to save us from a predicted catastrophe. Agricultural applications have been increasing, and so have toxicity levels in humans and animals, that could potentially be devastating if it sits silent I care… 😛


Call To Action


If you would like to further discuss this Autism Glyphosate Update, just contact me.  We can team up to do a more in-depth study on the research conducted by Dr. Stephanie Seneff, and/or other relevant parties! Use the contact form at the bottom of this page, or see my Social Responsibility StatementPage.Likewise,  you can leave comments, email me, or click on my Facebook plugin at the bottom to come see me on Facebook!

Glyphosate Herbicide and Autism
 Glyphosate Autism Update


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