Earned Media Examples – #Activity4 edx.org MicroMasters

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Earned Media - Digital Branding and Engagement #Activity4 - Types of Media Infographic
Earned Media – Digital Branding and Engagement #Activity4 – Types of Media Infographic

 Earned Media Examples 

#Activity3 edx.org MicroMasters

 What Is Earned Media in the First Place?


If you don’t know what earned media is… earned media is the measured natural results of an organization’s media efforts. In other words, how effective your media efforts are on the public. Every time somebody blogs, shares, likes, or talks about your brand online… That’s earned media! Every time a person tells someone about your products or services… That’s considered earned media. The following examples are types of earned media:


Earned Media Examples - A Tree Growing Out of a Puzzle with Social ICONS on It!
Earned Media Examples – A Tree Growing Out of a Puzzle with Social ICONS on It!

Examples of Earned Media


Blogs and Microblogs
Shares and Likes
Tweets and Retweets
Fan Pages
Brand Groups and Communitie#1 – Justin J. Watt Foundation – Hurricane Harvey Fund


Hurricane Harvey was the most devastating Hurricane ever to hit the U.S… With estimated damages of over $200 billion dollars, families were without homes, and everyone in the U.S was teaming up to help the victims and praying for them.

An Ascending Angel of Earned Media


Justin J Watt, defensive player for the Texans took it upon himself to start a fundraiser on his website. With hopes to make $200,000 in relief funds for Harvey, the J.J Watt Foundation raised over $37 Million. This was a perfect example of earned media, as one would honestly have to wonder if a normal person would have been that successful! J.J Watt had a huge following, and they NAILED his hopes of playing super hero… and then some. Here is a link to learn more about the J.J Watt Foundation fundraiser that warmed so many hearts!

A Quote from J.J. Watt


β€œOn August 27, I set out with a goal of raising $200,000 for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. In the three weeks that followed – thanks to the unprecedented support and generosity of over 200,000 donors from across the country and around the world – we raised over $37 million.” J. Watt 


Endangered Emoji - Earned Media #Activity4
Endangered Emoji – Earned Media #Activity4

WWF #EndangeredEmoji

One very simple but effective example of earned media was the #EndangeredEmoji campaign launched by the WWF on the Twitter platform.  WWF encouraged users to make a donation of .10 cents and re-tweet an Emoji tweet of @WWF’s Endangered Emoji tweet to raise donations for the protection of endangered animal species. 



For everyone who donated, their re-tweet tracked, after which users received a report of how effective it was in activity, and monetary gain. With a total of 38,000 responses, 36,000 re-tweets, and 11,000 likes… The campaign got over 59,000 donations in the first campaign. Here is a link to the tweet if youwant to get in on this… I DID!  This was anther sweet and effective example of earned media that worked like a charm. 


 Target: User-Generated Videos


Target developed a campaign where they used user generated videos of student’s’ reactions of being accepted to college. Just the video below earned over 16,000 plays, and at the end of the campaign, Target had given over a billion dollars to K-12 education causes by the end of their campaign, which doubled their initial pledge. You can find out more here at this link for Target’s education campaign!

Final Thoughts – Earned Media #Activity4


So for the purpose of this assignment… We had to share examples of earned media that support a brand or campaign. Above you will find some of my favorite examples of effective earned media. I’ve collected these examples from some of my favorite brands in the world. This should be more than enough to show that I understand all of the components of our module 4 learning. Oh and by the way, thank you for visiting Do You Right Professional Services! I hope you enjoy my earned media homework for #Activity4… My last week in Digital Branding and Engagement… Course One in the Marketing in a Digital World Micro Masters course at EDX.org!


Earned Media - More By Do You Right Professional Services! Custom Original Art of a SONOS Mystery Shop I Did!
Earned Media – More By Do You Right Professional Services! Custom Original Art of a SONOS Mystery Shop I Did!

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