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    I believe in always striving to be the best in my areas of expertise. When I decided to offer services to people and businesses whose whole reputations would depend on the integrity of my writing, I took on an enormous responsibility‚Ķ


    Do You Right is constantly working hard to pick up as many credentials and certificates as we can find. I attend classes, college courses, webinars, and anything else I can find relative to my areas of expertise. I work this hard to ensure that my clients will receive the highest quality work available anywhere in the world!


     I am working currently working on my fourth certificate, and will always be involved in some type of training. I have worked education into my daily schedule, and I enjoy learning and sharpening my skills. I also love the accomplishments, the people that I meet, and the smiles it brings to my clients’ faces! You can expect to get exactly what you asked for, a high level of communication, and a finished product that will blow you away!


Writing for the Web

September 5, 2017
Click On This Pic to See Actual Doc!
Click On This Pic to See Actual Doc!


     This was my favorite addition to my credentials and certificates page (so far). In the Writing for the Web course at,  I learned how to do niche research on topics before ever creating content for them. I learned to study demographics, statistics, keywords, and competitors. I learned the importance of offering excellent, factual content, and I learned and how to deliver to deliver easy to read, engaging articles that will build online presence, and identify my clients as a trustworthy source for information. I learned SEO and keyword placement, information architecture, and the addition of white space, lists, outlines, graphs and other graphics, to add accessibility to the content and make it more readable. I learned to always provide solid facts, and do appropriate research so that I can build a reputation with my readers as a viable source of information on the topic. I learned how to write content that is concise, defined, easily readable, and I learned the different between the behaviors of readers who read print, and readers who read online, so that I can get their attention and keep it, without driving them to the next site. I learned to check, double check and and triple check. I learned many more things in this course, and one more thing…

I finished with a 100%!


Professional Industry Writing

June 2016 MSPA Hosted Shopperfest Certificate:

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I got certified in Professional Industry Writing in 2016, at the MSPA hosted Shopperfest in Las Vegas, Nevada. While this certificate was centered around writing narratives for mystery shopping reports, it actually had quite a bit of relevant learning. I learned to always give my best work, proofread multiple times, and never turn in a product that I was unsure of. I learned to stretch, shorten, reword, and rewrite if necessary to get my piece as near perfect as possible. I learned that in business if we don’t strive for greatness, we fall off. I learned the importance of being a dependable, on time, and quality source for excellent work. I learned that behind the scenes, we are handling contracts in excess of 2 million dollars per year for our clients, and we are a detrimental part of ANY process that will depend on our work!


Video Shopping 1 Certificate

June 2016 MSPA Hosted Shopperfest Certificate:

2017-04-16 14.45.49

Do You Right Professional Services now performs assignments for over 40 clients, 10 freelance job boards and various other sources for writing assignments. I am always eager to become your new favorite writer or shopper! I do my work on time and I give you what you want. Do You Right is a gift. All my clients will be treated like that.


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