Blogging for Business: 10 Key Challenges You Will Meet When You Start Blogging For Business

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Blogging for Business: 10 Key Challenges You Will Meet When You Start Blogging For Business (Picture of a notepad with tile of post on it)
Blogging for Business: 10 Key Challenges You Will Meet When You Start Blogging For Business (Picture of a notepad with tile of post on it)

Blogging for Business

10 Key Challenges You Will Meet When You Start Blogging For Business


Blogging for business can be a lucrative strategy with careful planning. It is not without its challenges. These challenges can stop many business blogs from being successful, and they can also lead to frustration and do your business damage if not mastered early on. Here are 10 key challenges you will meet as you start blogging for business.

Key Challenge 1: Keeping A Creative Mind


Coming up with the right content for the people in your target niche, the right content is not always “new” content. Keeping your small business running smoothly can challenge creativity, especially when cold reality comes along reminding you of bills, insurance, tax returns, demand and supply timetables, employees and work-home balancing acts.

Key Challenge 2: Accepting That Your Competitors’ Blogs Maybe More Successful

Competitors may have started their blogs long before you. They may have more resources at hand to devote to their blog. That’s a fact. Look at their blogs to pick up tips but don’t get bogged down with their bright, shiny bells, whistles and cool-looking graphics.

Key Challenge 3: Adjusting To Looking At Your Business From The Outside In

Small business owners often get caught up in looking at their business from the inside out. This can blind them to the strategy needed to engage people in your target niche. Incorporating a blog into your marketing strategy requires you to change your viewpoint. Successful business blogs need you to look at your business from the outside in: from the center of your target niche’s community rather than your business’ center.

Key Challenge 4: Being Comfortable Outside Your Area Of Expertise

Blogging requires you to learn new skills. You need to adapt to a rapidly changing arena. Blogging can be a steep learning curve.

Key Challenge 5: Working Outside Your Comfort Zone

Blogging is different from any other business task you do because of its fluidity and social drive. You need to be able to work flexibly.

Key Challenge 6: Letting Customers, Not Your Business, Drive Your Blog

Blogging is an exercise in community. To be successful and to achieve the goals you intend for your blog, you need to let your target niche drive your blog. In other words listen to what they want; as well as the questions and comments they leave on your blog. Supply answers and responses that offer them solutions. Encouraging social interaction on your blog is paramount.

Key Challenge 7: Finding Your Blogging Voice

Being distinctive. Letting people in your target market see your individuality in their circle. You have to find your own voice in a crowded, busy blogosphere and not get swamped. Your challenge is to believe in yourself as an individual first, business second because people respond to people first.

Key Challenge 8: Making Sure Your Business Doesn’t Swamp Your Blog

Selling your business through your blog means keeping your business out of the way. This paradox is often the most challenging of all because small business owners think because they have a blog to market their business, their business must take centre stage. The challenge is to sell your business on its social and personal qualities, for example, the people who work in your business to bring your solutions to your target niche. Think social. Introduce the human side of your business.

Key Challenge 9: Keep Momentum Going

Your time is limited. Constraints on your time will often pull you away from keeping up to date with maintaining your blog. When this happens, it is easy to sideline your blog. These are the times when you need to put your blog to work most for your business.

Key Challenge 10: Make An Impact

The blogging world is crowded. It’s competitive. You need to establish your blog and compete with new and established blogs alike.

The Bottom Line: Adjusting your mindset to an “outside in” focus will put you ahead of less adaptable competitors. Realising that you need to let people in your target niche drive momentum of your blog, whilst you get your message across will put your ahead of your competitors (even those with seemingly more successful blogs). Taking the plunge and being ready to learn is paramount to facing these key challenges of successful blogging for business.

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Over the years Jeffrey Howard has since worked on many blue-chip brands including Nissan, British Telecom, The AA and working at online casino as a marketing adviser. I’m super passionate about helping others live life with more freedom and flexibility, and a bit of travel thrown in for good measure.


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