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Best Writing Job Boards
Best Writing Job Boards



Whether you are a professional writer, or you are just someone who needs to find ways to make extra money…  Finding the best writing job boards will play an important factor into how happy you are as a freelancer.


There are many writing job boards out there, and many writers could tell you their own reasons why some are better than others. Some job boards charge a fee to access assignments, while others are free.


  • In this blog  I will share a few of my favorite job boards with you, and from there you can sign up and get a feel for them. Maybe there will be some of your favorites as well!


What Are the Best Writing Job Boards ?


If you don’t have any money to invest, is by far the best writing job board. iWriter is easy and free to start working on, and I’ve heard thatFreelance Writers Den, is pretty cool as well. (but there is a waiting list)


Then, Contena, and Blogging Pro. are both prefered by some writers. For the most part, just look around at the reviews. Reviews are an excellent way to find out how writing  job boards are working for other writers. 


nDash is another great place to pitch companies and land high paying assignments. They have tons of tutorials on their blog to help writers if you need help with pitching companies. 


You will notice that on most job boards, the jobs are self assign, and readily accessible. That is… unless they have writer rankings. If they use a ranking system, you will have to go through the ranks to get access to the better jobs.


Every writer has their own preferences. Your favorites will emerge shortly after you start working, and I’m sure like most of us writers, you will have your own reasons.


Once you have your top 2 job boards picked out… You will start raking in the five star reviews and repeat assignments. That’s when writing gets fun.

Best Writing Job Boards – A List of Places to Try Out!


I’ve highlighted some of the Best Writing Job Boards below. I recommend applying and setting up a profile first, highlighting some of your experiences and areas of expertise. Then, start grabbing assignments and rocking people’s faces off! 



A great way to find the Best Writing Job Boards is to research on search engines. With the amount of startups constantly growing, writers are more needed than ever.


While the ones listed above are great… You may be able to find others are out there and offer great writing jobs. I branded out personally. I had to get away from deadlines, and not being able to communicate with my customer so what I wanted.


Keep in mind what type of writing you want to do when you are searching for new gigs. If you are a blogger, technical writer, website content writer, creative writer, etc… There may be specific job boards that cover those niches. A little research in the beginning may pay off in the log run and make you an all around happier freelancer. 

Best Job Boards for Writers
Best Job Boards for Writers
Final Thoughts


The Best Writing Job Boards will offer you quality writing jobs, and an increased chance of getting better jobs. Just sign up and take them for a spin. If you like them, set up shop and share your experiences to keep us up to date on who’s really helping us the most. You may want to pick up a course that teaches you professional skills for online writing.  If you are interested in the best free copywriting courses , I’ve been through all that!


Be sure to check out our article on the best free copywriting courses! You will find it listed below with some others. We hope this information helps out! We always like to share our experiences to help out as much as we can! Take care!
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