My Favorite Rappers!
My Favorite Rappers!

Best Rappers ~ 

A Handful of Head Knocking Favorites!

I decided to do a blog about the music that I love the most.  I know you all have your own lives to live, but honestly if I didn’t share these with you…

You would have never forgiven me..




What can I say?

Anyone who listens to Wiley, knows that he is a mix of everything under the sun…

A boss, a king, a lover, a friend, an admirer, a promoter, a believer, a businessman, and one hell of a rapper.

     Wiley first “caught my ear” back in 2012. I was late getting the Run the Road album, which is what started me on grime rap. I only had my CD for a couple of weeks, and back in the CD days, that was about right lol. Wiley is my all time favorite rapper. Something about him…. He doesn’t hide anywhere.  He tells you everything and doesn’t hold back. Wiley followed his gut feeling, ended up in the spotlight, and is in my opinion one of the greatest rappers of all time. 


Speaking of the greatest rappers of all time, who in their right mind could leave out E-40?

Ironically, the first time I really realized how talented E-40 is was in 2012, same time as Wiley. However,  Wiley didn’t become a thing for me until 2016. I picked up the Grit and Grind album, and E-40 quickly became one of my favorites.

Playful and deliberate, crisp and harmonic, bold and definative. Everything you want in a rapper… with something special. E-40 has beats that will blow your head OFF… and a style that will make grown men weep. I could not speak highly enough of E-40, as he is the most talented rapper out there. E is up with my favorites, and I like everything he creates…


Stormzy caught my eye when I was doing some writing on one of my blogs. I had “Shut Up” playing on YouTube, and the first thing I noticed was that Stormzy is one of the best rappers I have ever seen! I noticed him in my peripheral one day… bouncing to the beat with his whole click, and that was it…. I knew he had it. I love his songs, and hope he is busy banging out the next one for us!



I don’t know a lot about P-Money, but the first thing that attracted me to him was the Originators song in the video above. After that, I have listened to him some, but haven’t had the time to really soak-in all of P-Money. I will say this… In his live video of Originators, he shows his truest colors, and is a blinding light to say the least. Very present, and very beautiful. One of the best rappers for taking over the whole body in song!



Devilman is so different it took me a while before his hooks started getting to ma… I think he is very talented, has lots of Friends, and is meant to be. I lover the Zombie Maker video.



The first song that I liked by Skepta was “Shut Down.”  I don’t know a lot about Skepta, but he has a strong, crystal clear voice, and he comes hard!



JME is another Grime rapper from the UK area. He is very talented, and very gifted. I like this video and the one with him and his friends on hover boards, as well as his contributions to Run the Road.


I hope you have enjoyed me post!  Be sure to check out my other blogs


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