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kellepics_352_pics from Pixabay Amazing Art with Explosion and Girl Walking Through In Powerful Stance
Artists with Something Special-kellepics_352_pics from Pixabay Amazing Art with Explosion and Girl Walking Through In Powerful Stance

Artists With Something Special – Deadly Skills from Around the World


First and foremost welcome to my blog! I decided that it’s time to pay my respects to the best artists that I have come across online. A few I have had the pleasure of working with first hand, and a few I just know about,

Artists with Something Special – STEFAN KELLER

For instance, the picture above with the sparks and the girl walking through, is STEFAN KELLER. I found this picture on Pixabay, as a royalty free image, along with a collection of his work. Upon doing a little more homework, I realized that this artist is no stranger to all out magnificence in marketing.  He uses the perfect mix of paid, owned, and earned media marketing to bring people to his website, where if you click on the picture or his name above… I think you will agree… Custom Text “He Kills It” to Accentuate Artist Above

The next artist is for all of you beat junkies out there! This guy makes instrumentals, so get ready, roll a bleezay, and crank it up!

Artists with Something Special – Ray G Production Trap Beats and Instrumentals – Up and Coming HEAD KNOCKER



I met this guy on Facebook tonight, and I didn’t realize how good he was until I was doing something else with his beats playing in the background. I have heard a lot of instrumentals in my time, and to tell you the truth, I can’t stomach 90% of them. Basically… most of the gangster/trap beats out there are either too bland, too noisy, or have a bunch of wack sounds on them that turn me off. Ray G Production’s beats are clean, smooth, and they KNOCK! If you are looking for something to freestyle to, or just to sit back and get blazed to…. keep your eye on this guy… he’s has got something.  

To be perfectly honest, I don’t get this motivated over many people that make beats… in fact… only ONE. This is one artist that knows exactly what the hell he is working with… and I can tell he rides his beats until they hit him dead center. Here is Ray G Productions on Facebook, and if you drop by tell hi Eric said whassup!


My Fiverr Logo_Custom_Work
My Fiverr Logo_Custom_Work Do You Right Pro Designed With Photo Layers App Photo Montage for IOS – Artists with Something Special


I’ve had the pleasure of working with the following artists on Fiverr, and you will see my examples that they will ROCK YOU~! Make sure and tell them who sent you, they may give you a small discount, or at least nudge me and give me a stern talking to. LOL.. Seriously guys, very affordable prices and amazing service!


My Book Cover Quillava22 on Fiverr Cartoon Writer Catching a Quill from the Sky
Artists with Something Special – My Book Cover Quillava22 on Fiverr Cartoon Writer Catching a Quill from the Sky

Quillava22 on Fiverr

Reasonable Prices, Personalized Characters and Logos

The screenshot I’ve created above is an artist that goes by the screen name Quillava22. He is the best I’ve ever seen at character development, illustrations, and full cover and page book art. He specializes in logos, and is dedicated to delivering the image you want for your business or personal needs. In short, Quillava22  has very reasonable prices, and he communicates very well and wants you to be happy. Check him out by clicking the picture below or this link to Quillava22’s profile!


Frog_Prince by Simonamoilno on Fiverr Original Frog Prince Art
Artists with Something Special – Frog_Prince by Simonamoilno on Fiverr Original Frog Prince Art

Simonamolina on Fiverr

Amazing Fantasy Creatures and Portraits

This artist, Simonamolina is another artist that I have worked with. First, she does the most amazing fantasy creatures and portraits, as well as other types of art. The Frog Prince is one of my ideas that she brought to life. I knew as soon as she sent me a picture of a real frog and said, “I like this ones expression, I wanted her to freestyle him!” Second, Simonamolina is just an all around amazing artist! She drew the most amazing Dragon that I’ve ever seen in my life, and she’s reasonably priced too! Make sure and tell her Eddie Warner says Ciao!

Wise Guys "Poker Gone Bad" Original Art by Misteralexdavid - Picture of a Wise Guy Gangster Holding a Card Player hostage After Losing to a Straight FLush
Artists with Something Special – Wise Guys “Poker Gone Bad” Original Art by Misteralexdavid – Picture of a Wise Guy Gangster Holding a Card Player hostage After Losing to a Straight Flush

Misteralexdavid on Fiverr

Cool Character Development and Idealist


With this artist, Misteralexdavid on Fiverr, all I did was tell him that I wanted a poker game gone bad. The concept of this one, was that you got all your cards on the table, everything’s riding on this game right? You got three Kings with an ace high… You know there’s no way in hell he’s got that other one king, and even if he does, you know there’s no way in HELL he’s got the straight flush… Then he comes out with it and takes all your shit … lays it out all pretty… and smiles…  I had to have the design in print, and accordingly…  this design was appropriately named, “Listen Here Wiseguy” and also made a badass hoodie. 

Okay now you wouldn’t think that these guys are artist, until you actually see them working. This learning is a course on Coursera, and these guys in the picture will teach you responsive website design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and they are very good. You basically learn from the ground up how to design your own webpage.

I was just able to create my first HTML webpage in a sidebar widget on Café press. It’s responsive, it links out to my own site, and at this point I would definitely call the got artists. Come learn from the best! Come join me, learning from Matthew and Marco in Responsive Website Basics … after all without skills, art is dying!!!



SwordBeach was introduced to me about a month ago. The reason I took the shot that I did above, is because I like the black guy a lot. His style is off the chain. I like the like. I too, but I like the guy with the frizz and the sick ass style. You know, I was first introduced to SWORDBEACH by a girlfriend of mine on Facebook. Bottom line is. this girl gave me 2 or 3 other rappers, but these guys stuck. Share the video if you like this video! These guys are HOT!

Artists with Something Special – Gino_White_Artists_with_Something_Special


01/14/2018 – The funniest thing happened today. I was up at about 4:30 AM, building out  a client’s local SEO citations, and I jumped over to remind my client (he’s really my friend by this point) to check his email and confirm his profile. Most of these profiles won’t let you in to really deck out a profile until it’s verified. So anyway, I jumped over to Facebook, and I get a request from Gino White. I accept, because I love Facebook, and rap, and I knew by his cover that there was a connection. So, the first thing I do is light him up. I was like, “Hey bro, do you have a website? Do you need SEO services or content to help you get ranked in search engines?” I was right in the middle of pasting Ray G Productions a screenshot, and Gino White hits me back. I said, “Good morning.” He and I got to talking, and he already had a website, so he sent me the link. Now I am here promoting his work for one reason…

Not every rapper gets to me. Some of then are just not my style… but I listened to a song on Gino White’s Store, to see what he’s working with. Let me put it this way…  Gino White is about to HIT! He has a magnificent sound, he’s laid back, confident, and his beats are exact. My head started bobbing, and he is not a favorite! Check out his video below! More to come!

 One Day by Gino White

TELL ME THAT AIN’T THAT DROP!!! I welled up BRAT! Welcome to my blog GINO WHITE! Share this post if you feel this video!


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