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    Do You Right Professional Services has been taking writing assignments since early 2014. I am currently working on various freelance job boards, and accepting assignments from mystery shopping companies across the world. I am also in the middle of my first graphic novel, I am enrolled in college working towards my 4th certificate at Open2Study In 2 short years I have gained over 40 repeat clients, achieved a 4.8 star rating or higher on all my favorite writing profiles, and created an online business model that is consistently defining the freelance writing industry. Ask my clients!


     Originally from Louisiana, I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to be closer to the Midwest and the sunny coast of California.  I am an expert writer, excellent communicator, and avid dreamer and author. I plan on publishing, creating and helping people develop a strong online presence for the rest of my life!



Do You Right’s Mission:


      My goal at Do You Right Professional Services is to provide top quality writing assignments to customers that do not have the time to manage their blogs and websites. My feelings are that life should not be all take and no give, so I do my best to serve my clients the best and most dedicated and intensive research and niche/topic content creation available on the worldwide web. I do extensive research before writing about assigned topics. I look at all of your competitors, and I try to place you deliberately above them in terms of quality content. I don’t cut corners, I do don’t slouch, I don’t lie, and you can expect me to hand in perfect, grammatically correct work, on time, every time!


Niche Placement
Niche Placement

Niche Authority


    At Do You Right, I not only look at your competition to see what we are up against,  I read blogs, press releases, and anything else we can get our hands on relative to your topic. I read customer reviews,  I watch videos, and I read manufacturers websites and mission statements, as well as a whole slew of other  types of media just to get a bead on how you need to come off in your desired niche,  to get the authority you need to generate traffic. You could not be in better hands than with Do You Right, as I specialize in search engine optimization and niche “placement” articles. 


Brand Recognition.


What Do I Get Out of It?


      I consider myself very lucky.  I got thrown into a life that I didn’t want,  with circumstances I could not have possibly changes without knowing how to defend myself first. I had to decide to do everything differently. Otherwise,  I was going to live a very miserable life. I ended up in emotional turmoil at one point because nothing was going the way I wanted,  and I didn’t even know where to start.  Then, I found something that I liked… my heart…


     I started writing again after years of nothingness, and I desire more than anything to make a name for myself writing so that I can build brand recognition for Do You Right, and be known as a “go to” source for excellent web content. I do all types of freelance work and run multiple websites, but writing is my favorite!  I have a lot of respect for the internet, and would never publish less than my most meticulous work. Later on down the road I am hoping to write a best-seller that will help people make the best decisions and live a happy life!



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