Do You Right Professional Services - Experienced Professional Writer
Do You Right Professional Services – Experienced Professional Writer

About the Writer

My name is Eric. I am a 41-year-old professional male living in Albuquerque New Mexico.  I have been writing since I was in grade school, and being creative has always come naturally to me.  Now, I use my gifts to help people who need great content! I also love gardening, cooking creole food, and motorized bicycles.

Why Choose Me?

Drive, Ambition, Experience, Ratings, and Natural Talent.

Did I mention consistency and dependability? I show up on time, with my work ready to present!  I  provide professional written articles and content pages/blogs, as well as professional letters, reports, essays, e-books, resumes, and just about anything else you may need to have written.  I use professional tools to edit and proofread my work, and I also proofread manually six different times. I am experienced, creative, gifted, intelligent, hard-working, and dedicated to my work. I look forward to working with you and possibly being one of your “go to” writers for professional content!

Nothing to Lose! First 500 Words Free!

First 500 Words Free! (With 500 Word Article Purchase!)
First 500 Words Free! (With 500 Word Article Purchase!)

24/7 Availability – I Give You 100% of My Time!

One more thing, call 505-508-4720 ANYTIME 24/7, and I will go to work for you ASAP. How many pros will give you their every second of attention?  You got me. My favorite part of the job is being there for people when they need me the most. If you would rather email, just click the contact form link below.



I am certified in Professional Industry Writing and currently enrolled in University courses online to improve my skillset for freelance writing. I have a 4.8-star rating at, where I write full time for numerous clients. I have written over 124 articles for clients, and I have several other profiles, which you can find on my contact page and one more thing…

I promise to impress you on every job!


Let’s Talk Business!

We are VERY Easy to Reach!



500-1000 Word SEO Optimized Article – Money Back Guarantee!

I will do all relevant niche research and provide you top quality writing work. Unlimited revisions, and if you don’t like my work, it’s FREE!


Do You Right Professional Services

(505) 508-4720

425 Western Skies Drive SE  # 423

Albuquerque, NM 87123

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