Beauty and the Beet – What Will Losing Glyphosate Do to Farmers?

Beauty and the Beet - How will losing glyphosate affect our farmers


Beauty and the Beet - How will losing glyphosate affect our farmers
Beauty and the Beet – How will losing glyphosate affect our farmers


Beauty and the Beet – What Will Losing Glyphosate Do to Farmers?

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What Losing Glyphosate Will Do to Farmers? Well, according to the US National Library of Medicine’s National Institute of Health, approximately 1.8 billion people are in the agriculture industry.


That translates to about 28% of the world’s population that is employed by agriculture. If you read through the Pesticides Use and Exposure Extensive Worarticle article   , you will find out that around 5.6 billion pounds of pesticides are used worldwide each year. You will also find out that as a consequence of this, around 25 million agricultural workers suffer from pesticide poisoning each year. Pretty gross!











I read on the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service’s website that, “70% of the pesticides applied every year are herbicides.” – (Richard, Grube, Goss, & Plotkin, 2000, para. 5) Out of that 70%, the Pesticide Action Network of North America reports that “180 – 185 million pounds of glyphosate was applied in 2007.” (Tupper, 2011) Can you imagine how much of that we are eating? That’s on our food crops people.

For those of you who do not know, glyphosate is the active ingredient Roundup that has been rising in controversy lately due to numerous health issues rising in epidemic proportions in step with the rising application rates of glyphosate.

This must be addressed, otherwise, we are surely headed for disaster. However, first and foremost we need to think about a few things relative to the farming industry before we tackle this issue. I mean, these ARE families and moms and stuff… I know this is kinda late in the game, but given the circumstances, I had to point this out. Here are some of the numbers were looking at:






What Losing Glyphosate Will Do to Farmers? Well, first off… if we take away glyphosate from the farmers, is going to hurt them. Glyphosate was revolutionary to farmers when it first came out. It stopped them from having to toil in the field all day with heavy equipment and labor crews pulling up roots, rotating crops, and all kind of junk to fight the inevitable lifecycle of unwanted weeds, and their stealing valuable nutrients away from the food crops.


 Weeds come in many different forms, I’m not going to get into that in this blog, but I know a good bit about them. I used to kill them for a living. Weeds germinate at different times of the year, and require different types of control methods to control them.

Every year, farmers lose 20 to 40% of their crops per year to pests, insects, and diseases anyway. So, having weeds competing with nutrients that are meant for your crops is probably not the easiest thing to deal with, I’m sure.


Now, do they want to kill us because of it… I doubt that. Nevertheless, weeds must be controlled, and here’s a quote just to let you know how much pesticide is beneficial to farmers.


According to the article entitled,  Pest Control in World Agriculture, “pesticides on average provide about $4 in benefits for every dollar invested in pesticide control.” – David Pimentel (January 1, 2009) That being the case, taking away glyphosate from the farmers would consequently take a lot monetarily from them and crop damage. Our farmers will be faced with basically two choices. One of them is far-fetched like glass techs and kiddie Rolex, as De La Soul would put it LOL






  • Finding a chemical is equally as powerful as Roundup does not harmful, which hasn’t happened yet and will be up to the scientist and herbicide manufacturers/chemists that are involved.
  • Going back to toiling in the field and thereby increasing labor, cost, equipment cost, and a whole slew of other issues with it




It’s one thing to let ourselves head towards mass extinction because of rising health issues. It’s another thing to do something about it, and blindly and mean to our own farmers. I just want to make sure everyone out there is thinking about some of the things that really are going to be impacted by something that is revolutionary, and this helpful are to farmers coming up missing overnight.



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