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“…  Its about standing up for our environment, our families and our future, and I wont give up this fight.” (Senator John Kerry)
Senator John Kerry quotes 

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Exede Internet – Bad Business Ethics


DISCLAIMER: This blog is only intended for informational purposes, in regards to Exede Internet – and couple Bad Business Ethics, that I believe may be slipping through their fingers. This is not saying that they are a bad company, or a bad service I feel like this is part of my social responsibility, and if I can use my gift to help protect the innocent, I would like to. I’m just trying to put everything in the light so that our leaders can reflect the true leadership they deserve.


Policies for people  – the account of an x-employee

     Exede Internet provides satellite internet for more than 900,000 customers. Exede Internet is provided by ViaSat, a global broadband services and technology company on a mission to “connect the world.” ViaSat (n.d) I admire ViaSat very much, as they are magnificent, started from scratch, and help the army too! 

     I worked for them through a company that is irrelevant to mention for the purposes of this blog, and out of respect for anyone else employed there that has these same feelings, I am leaving the company name out. Through the course of my employment answering calls for Exede Internet, I noticed a couple policies that they have in place that show a complete disregard for people’s feelings and rights, and  laws may be being broken and not addressed. 


     I was employed with for over 9 months with an amazing company. I lost my job due to reasons that again are irrelevant for this content. Moving on, I noticed two main issues, that out of social responsibility, I have to share with you because: (I never thought I would have to stand up for a reason like this, but to anyone concerned… I care!”)

  1. I Want to Help People – If more people know about these Exede Internet, more people can avoid getting hurt by them.
  2. I Want to Address These Issues With ViaSat – I will share this blog with contacts at ViaSat and Exede, in an attempt to get them to change them.
  3. American Pride – Americans are emotional and proud of our beautiful country. I doubt after reading these things, you would like Exede unless they change these policies, as they are defiant to our truest values of honest business and blindly rapacious to our loved ones in times of need.
God Bless the USA
God Bless the USA

Issue #1 – Exede Internet – Endangering Our Lives or Health

     This is an issue I ran across a lot while taking Exede calls. They have policies that can’t be gotten around. One of them is that you have to return the leased equipment. (modem, power cord, and transceiver) 

Their disclosures read that they are responsible for returning return to ViaSat the modem, power cable and transceiver… No big deal right? Wrong. Asking people to be responsible is one thing. Asking them to disregard their lives in the process, something totally different. 

     Basically, if a customer canceled their service, they had 30 days to return the equipment without being charged. At which time, our system would charge their card on file for any missing equipment. 

     Sometimes, it is necessary in the satellite business to mount a dish on the roof. In our case, if there wasn’t a clear shot of the southern sky, we would have to mount the satellite dish on the roof to get a shot. When they canceled, if they had our Easy Care plan, we would send a technician out to retrieve the equipment off the satellite dish free of charge. If they didn’t have the Easy Care plan, then they would be charge for the equipment if they couldn’t get it down, packaged up, and send back to us in under 30 days. Here us the problem.

I had moral issues with this. The whole time I was employed with them, because it didn’t seem right to ask people when;

  1. People aren’t always healthy enough, or skilled enough to climb on the roof to retrieve their own equipment.
  2. Customers don’t always have the money required to hire someone to climb on the roof and retrieve the equipment for them.
  3. Customers are endangering their lives trying to get the equipment down, and at that point, it is wrong for ViaSat to require that of customers (if they have a roof mount) at all. Period. 
  4. Customers are getting hurt, and nothing’s been done yet. (E. G. , I received a call the last month of my employment from a lady that was in her 50s. She had been over a week in the hospital with a broken leg because we told her to get up on the roof and get the Tria (transceiver) to put in a box that we were shipping her to return her equipment in. She was very sweet, didn’t say anything about suing, but this hurt:

“I am just surprise and hurt, that a company this big can’t do anything for people. I am not skilled to go on a ladder and up on the roof. Why would they even asked me that.”

     I could tell that the customer had her feelings hurt feelings over the the situation with her leg being broke, and wanted something done. I promised on that call to leave a suggestion in the suggestion box. I wish and hope that she will find this and know I care! This next part is for my friend…


Solutions for This Problem 

Here are some ways to prevent and address this issue:

  1. Set forth extra training, so that “Care Agants” can send a ticket to corporate holding off the etfs until after extreme weather is gone.
  2. Send a Tech out.
  3. Have a way we could reverse the charges and maybe have them sign a “Promise to Pay”

If you remember me…

You’re Welcome 🙂


Another Example – My 78 Year Old Friend was $750 Overdrawn

A lady called in, bawling and hysterical. She was basically snowed in, by herself, and there was ice and snow covering the roof. She was $750 overdrawn in the bank, we had charged her $324 plus a disconnect fee, and she was very hurt. I escalated it because I did this all day, but this was a little too much. I mean, that’s someone’s grandmother. When I got my manager in chat, “Charges are valid.” (someone I knew and refereed to as “Brick Wall”) 


Oh, My 78 year old friend… Your Welcome

Issue #2 ECA or Bust!  


     Not all the time, but probably once a week, someone would call in to cancel, and when shocked by 24 month contract, they would state, ” Contract? What contract?” The tech that came out to install it didn’t say anything about that. He said, “Here ma’am I need you to sign this.” then they would continue, “I thought I was signing that he was there and done with his work.”

If that sounds like your kind of customer agreement… 

Solutions for this problem

I thought out a couple of things that could remedy this. Here is what could be done to prevent this issue:

  1. Educate the technicians Better – Maybe Some Kind of Course
  2. Make the Customers Record Their Voice Agreement – Maybe a Dial In Type
  3. Have them Physically Sign a Copy


 List of Contacts I Sent This to To Get Help:


Better Business Bureau


DHS Open Source Enterprise


Human Rights Violators and War Crimes Center


National Public Safety (nscpa) West Virginia


Department of Homeland Secuirty ( Industry Partnership Program )


National Public Safety


Nisability Preparedness


Contact – CHCL Outreach


Office of Public Affairs


Center for Domestic Preparedness


Citizen Corps


Community Emergency Response Team


FEMA Regulations Dept. fema-rules@dhs.govNational Emergency Management Division



NPPD/CS&C Office of Emergency Communications


 NPPD/IP   Emergency Services Sector-Specific Agency            30.      


 NPPD/IP   National Infrastructure Coordination Center (NICC) 33.      


 NPPD/IP   – National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)






TSA    Intermodal Security Training and Exercise Program (I-STEP)


TSA    Mass Transit


USCIS       Office of Public Engagement


National Safety Council Customer Service – National Safety Council
317 Massachusetts Ave. NE, Suite 300
Washington, DC 20002


Media Team



Thank you for listening. socialresponsibility76@gmail.com  Eddie S. Warner


…  Its about standing up for our environment, our families and our future, and I wont give up this fight.” (Senator John Kerry)
Senator John Kerry quotes 

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I chose these Dragon commands because it made perfect sense to me. Anyone that is always tagging, titling, and storytelling deserves to know about this! These commands are the most adorable ones I have ever seen anyone do with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. (As of yet)

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Some More Dragon NaturallySpeaking Commands

    I figured out after thinking about this idea for a while, and pretty much use any three phrase saying. So if you you would rather use something else like, “Pop it! Lock it, and Drop it”, those will work the same.




You edit once with Dragon NaturallySpeaking.


Call to action or other cool Dragon NaturallySpeaking commands!

Anyone else that has any of the best dragon commands that they’ve made up, please feel free to share them here… Especially if you have any about writers, editors, poets, affiliate marketing, sales, art, or any other thing creative thi… you know what? wHo CaReS??? Just put whatever if you want to!


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